This will enable recording system sounds, and you’ll need to change it back to your microphone if you want to record microphone audio instead. You can’t do both at the same time, unfortunately. ShareX is an all-in-one tool that can help you capture screenshots, do screen recordings, and carry out a number of other similar tasks quite easily.

Take your cursor to the center of the topmost part of the open window on your screen. Let’s assume you have two open windows on your computer, but one is behind the other. Let’s say each window is a different running download api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0_dll at program, maybe email on the one hand and word processing on the other. Windows Key + Down Arrow minimizes a maximized window, press it again to minimize it all the way.

This method is a little complicated, but if done correctly, you can permanently old, useless programs from Windows 10 PC. STEP 3- From the list of Windows utilities that appears in front of your screen, go to the app you wish to delete and right-click on it to select Uninstall option. Since this list is dealing with Windows programs, it’s recommended not to deal with Apple programs on Windows 10 and, especially, Windows 11 devices. These include Apple Software updates, Bonjour, Apple Mobile Device Support, and of course, iTunes. A lack of serious Windows updates in the last few years is damaging whatever compatibility there was before. Windows just wasn’t designed for these programs.

Learn what proximity bias is, how to identify and confront inequities, and steps to foster a more inclusive workplace with video. Easily record and instantly share video messages straight from your browser. Screen recording on LG is quite similar to the process for Samsung devices. Just launch your Quick Settings bar by swiping down on your notifications panel. A good GDI implementation (keeping devices around, etc.) should do 30fps in 1920×1200 easily on a modern computer.

Split the monitor screen in two in Windows 7 or 8 or 10

Hence the removal process for all these things created by a program when it is first installed on your system is called uninstallation. All scheduled tasks, registered services, registry keys, executables, temporary files, log files, and more are removed once you uninstall a program from your system. In some cases, you will be leftover with settings and save files so that you don’t have to set up the program entirely when installing it in the future.

CloudApp is a screen recording software for Windows that makes your life easier. Capture stunning HD video from your screen with the click of a button. Recording, editing and sending video doesn’t have to be complex.

Removing Programs Through the “Settings” Windows 10

It could be for recording tutorials, presentations, or simply recording an issue to show others. Whatever be the reason, it’s quite easy to record the screen on Windows 10, just likescreen recording on a phone. While there’s no dedicated screen recording feature, here are four different ways to screen record on Windows 10 for free without any watermark. However, before you get started, you may want to adjust the volume levels of your desktop audio and microphone audio. You will have a number of tools in the mixer tab.

In this submenu, you can reset your computer, downgrade your OS to the previous version of Windows 10, and also do an advanced restart for your computer OS. Under the Advanced Startup section, select Restart Now. If you can’t reach the Advanced startup tool using the above method, or can’t log into Windows, then you may want to use this approach. You’ll need to be on the Windows sign-in screen for this to work, so either reboot your computer, or log out of Windows by pressing Windows Key+L. Safe Mode enables IT admins to troubleshoot issues in Windows desktops through the process of elimination.