NLP vs NLU and the growing ability of machines to understand

In recent years, researchers have shown that adding parameters to neural networks improves their performance on language tasks. However, the fundamental problem of understanding language—the iceberg lying under words and sentences—remains unsolved. For example, after training, the machine can identify “help me recommend a nearby restaurant”, which is not an expression of the intention of […]

10 top enterprise service management systems and how to choose

It can help increase productivity, reduce inefficiencies, centralize data and support growth. Through QT9’s robust ERP system, you may use real-time production data to optimize scheduling, stay up-to-date on inventory through built-in notifications and determine when various actions were taken. Enterprise or business software development is based on common development tools and languages — from […]

A Beginners Guide To Classification And Regression Trees

This phylogenetic classification systemnames only clades — groups of organisms that are all descended from a common ancestor. This system was created long before scientists understood that organisms evolved. Because the Linnaean system is not based on evolution, most biologists are switching to a classification system that reflects the organisms’ evolutionary history. The diversity of […]

Custom Telecom Software Development Telecom Solutions

We strive to deliver on every stage of the development process, from the initial consultation, to design and development, along with continued technical support and guidance following the launch of the software. We have launched AI-powered applications to help companies gain insights into their customers’ unique behavior. Using the insights gained, companies can predict the […]